Well, summer is almost upon us — okay, so maybe it is not that close but the heat will be back with a vengeance before we know it. It is about this time of year when you should determine if your roof needs attention. At All-State Construction and Restoration, we are your Osceola County roofing experts and we know that the weather in Florida can give your roof a beating from year to year. There is no better time than right now to have your roof inspected and scheduled for a repair or replacement if needed. Your roof is one of the most underappreciated parts of your home. It is neglected, made to stand out in the rain, pooped on by various birds and small mammals, generally abused, and underappreciated. That is until the day when you notice a small drip coming from your ceiling, then your roof becomes the star of the show. You will then lament all of the times you should have called the roofing company to fix those damaged shingles from last summer’s storm. Don’t worry, when you need us, All-State Construction and Restoration will be there for you.

Tree Damage

What do you generally think of when you picture roof damage? A gaping hole from a freshly crashed meteor? How about a chunk of a Russian satellite sticking out of the dormer? Chances are you are safe from meteors and space junk falling on your roof. But one of the most common forms of damage can come right from your backyard. Trees cause thousands of dollars worth of damage every year due to falling on roofs. Branches, leaves, trunks, all of these bits of the tree anatomy will cause roof damage in one way or another.


Many of us have potentially roof-destroying branches lurking right over our homes. Now, if you had a piano hanging precariously above your house, you would probably call someone to get it removed or at least make sure it was safe, right? Of course you would. That is why it is critical not only for the safety of your roof but your entire family that you have your trees inspected and cared for by a certified arborist. They will be able to determine if a branch is a threat or nothing to worry about.


Leaves are like those sneaky little gnomes that hide your keys and make you forget that your glasses are on your head. They can screw up a roof bad if you are not careful. One of the most important functions of your roof is to shed water. If water is allowed to remain on your roof for an extended period of time, damage could result. When you have a tree, you are going to get some leaf droppage, sometimes more than you need. This will clog your gutters making it difficult for the roof to shed the rain. These gutter clogs are extremely dangerous as they can allow water to pool on the roof and make its way under the shingles. Keeping your gutters clean or utilizing a product that keeps leaves out of the gutter in the first place should be considered. Once your gutters are damaged, they are not going to effectively move water down the drain spout. In order to prevent more damage to your roof, it is critical that you have your gutters repaired and/or replaced.            

The Whole Darn Tree

The big philosophical question of the 70s was, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make any noise?” Well, if a tree falls on your house you are sure going to know it. Every year, hundreds of trees fall on homes causing damage and injury. If you have a good amount of trees in your yard you should have them inspected at least once a year, or they could fall over onto your nice little bungalow.

What Can You Do?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but the only thing you can do is take good care of your trees. Nothing can be done to reinforce your roof to the point that a tree will not cause damage. If, in fact you do have a tree or a larger branch fall on your roof, the best thing to do is to call in the experts. Whatever you do, do not attempt to remove the tree yourself, as you could end up hurting yourself or others. The last thing we want is for you to put yourself in harm’s way. Our emergency restoration services are standing by when you need them the most. So, next time you go for a walk in the forest, keep an eye out for falling trees because you never know when one will come crashing down.