Home Restoration service for storm damage


In almost all months of the year, your house combats with strong winds and hurricanes. Even after you have gotten used to the severe storm weather of Florida, your house is still prone to the potential damages of tropical storms. A storm can significantly deteriorate a well-maintained house within minutes.

It leaves you with the task of evaluating the damages and the risks associated with them. Any careless delays in restoration and repairs can be unsafe for you and your family. They can also impose expensive damages to your property. After every thunderstorm, tropical storm and hurricane you should consult roofing and restoration experts to make your house as safe and beautiful as it was before it.

Meanwhile, your local experts are coming to put back your house; you should take the following steps as a responsible homeowner.

1. Inspect Your Roof

Your intact roof ensures your safety and protection from harsh weathers. But it is on the mercy of the strong impact of winds at all times. Especially after a severe storm hits, it needs a thorough inspection.

Do not make a hasty decision of directly getting on the roof. You may hurt yourself by falling off the damaged parts. Walk around the perimeter of your property and look for visible signs such as missing or broken shingles. Uprooted or bent flashing is visible from a distance. Deeper inspection and repairs are provided by home restoration services In Kissimmee FL


inspect your roof safely

2. Check The Gutters

Strong gusts of wind can bring leaves and debris with it. It is advised to get rid of the debris as soon as the storm settles. The gutters installed in your home take excess water away to prevent damage to home foundation and walls. Clogging of roof gutters can be problematic as it will block gallons of water on your roof. Check and inform about all the gutter issues to the experts.


Gutters Cleaning And restoration

3. Have A Survey Of Sidings

The sidings of your building suffer a huge impact. Whatever material you chose for your home sidings, it can be uprooted, bent or broken after a storm. In order to have them replaced according to your specifications, opt for “restoration services, home” in Kissimmee FL.

Survey Of Sidings


4. Review Your Exterior’s Paint

You paint your house to increase the curb appeal of your house and protect it from dust, dirt, and impact of winds. But your exteriors paint can be a victim of harsh winds, too. Reviewing the paint after every storm can help you have it retouched on time.


5. Examine Doors And Windows

In case you forgot to safely secure all doors and window locks during a storm, it’s time to make up for your mistakes. The hinge points make the doors and windows highly vulnerable to breakage and repeated smashing caused by strong winds. Thoroughly examine the main door, windows, and awnings.

To efficiently combat with the after-effects of the storm, we offer affordable and dependable restoration services in Kissimmee FL.