Storms can be devastating, particularly in this part of the country. Of course we are not suffering through subzero cold like our neighbors to the north, so it could be worse. Regardless, we still get our fair share of storms in Osceola County and it is not likely that the cycle will end anytime soon. Occasionally we get an exceptionally powerful storm that causes lots of damage and we are called into action. With superior restoration services we are able to get many of our clients back up and running in no time. At All-State Construction and Restoration we offer complete roofing services, home beautification services, and our home protection services. Our home protection services are essentially a bit of added protection against those nasty storms that we receive here in Florida. Let us take a look at your home and we can recommend a plan of action to protect your home for the next storm cycle.

Exterior Painting

It is no secret that paint is much more than a way to make your home look great. It is essentially a barrier for water, mold, bugs, and the elements, that also happens to make your home look pretty. House paint has been around since before history, after all, they have found cave paintings that are 100,000 years old. Those ancient homeowners clearly wanted to look at something a little more dynamic than a rock wall, so they applied paint. Eventually, after the dinosaurs died off, man was able to build actual homes and pyramids. The Egyptians painted everything. It was a known fact that when you painted bricks and wood they tended to last longer. It is in this tradition that All-State Construction and Restoration offers exterior painting. Not only will your home look amazing, but it will also be protected.

If your home had no paint on the exterior it would rot away in just a few years. Modern paint is much more than just vibrant colors, today we have paint that can effectively defend against much of what Mother Nature can dish out. When we paint the exterior of your home, we do it right; pressure washing, cleaning concrete and repairing any damaged wood we may come across. This level of preparation is the key to making your exterior paint last as long as possible. In fact we even offer a 5 year workmanship warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s paint warranty.


Many of us have siding on our homes and as effective as exterior paint can be, siding is the most effective way to protect the exterior of your home. New siding materials have been introduced that can make a home much more resistant to elemental damage. When your siding becomes brittle or cracked, it is no longer protecting your home, causing water to seep in and ruin your walls. Good siding, like the James Hardie siding we utilize, can actually protect your home better than most cheaper siding options. Many brands of siding do not even need a coat of paint and are good for at least 15 years of worry free use.

Seamless Gutters

As we talked about last time, gutters are one of the key components for keeping your roof in good condition. A gutter that leaks will drain water into your foundation, front porch or other undesired spots. Gutters that are susceptible to blockage can cause leaves to build up and not drain down the spout. The solution is seamless gutters, while we can’t promise that your gutters will never plug up, the absence of seams makes it harder for leaves and debris to get stuck. You will still need to clean your gutters every year to ensure that they don’t become blocked. With All-State Construction and Restoration’s seamless gutter replacement program, the water from your roof will always have a place to go.


When you are talking about preventing storm damage, many times we are required to board up our windows when a particularly nasty storm blows through. Make no mistake, if your windows are junk, they will not fare too well regardless. Your windows are critical to preventing damage during a storm. New vinyl windows from All-State Construction and Restoration is the best way to keep your house safe. New windows will make an impact on your energy bill right away and you will be glad you finally decided to upgrade. With the latest high-efficiency windows, your home will be cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter; as well as safer during hurricane season. Please contact us today for the best vinyl window installation in Osceola County.

Lightning Protection

Florida is a hotbed for lightning strikes and Central Florida is legendary for the amount of strikes that occur in a year. Needless to say, damage from lightning is not uncommon in Osceola County. But what can you do to prevent costly electrical damage to your property? At All-State Construction and Restoration, we offer lightning protection systems to safeguard your home from electrical issues and potential fire risks. Many may think that a lightning protection system will encourage your home to be struck by lightning but this is not the case. A lightning protection system will actually channel the energy from a strike back into the ground, essentially providing the strike with a safe path to ground. This is a good system to look into for any home so you can sleep easier knowing you are protected from the dangers of a lightning strike.      

Home Protection At Its Finest

The home protection experts at All-State Construction and Restoration are proud to offer the finest home protection services in Osceola County. We like to think about that old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as a model for our home protection services. You never know when the next big storm, flood, or lightening strike is going to happen, it is best to be prepared. If you have no idea where to start contact our team of experts and we can walk you through the essential details of home protection. Regardless, we are always here when you need remodeling, restoration or roofing services, we will help you pick up the pieces when you need it. We know how important it is to get your life back on track after damage from a storm and we have the experts on staff to make that happen. Be sure and contact us today to get started on your own home protection plan and rest easier this summer when the storm clouds are building.