1. 5 Steps To Take After A Tropical Storm Settles

      In almost all months of the year, your house combats with strong winds and hurricanes. Even after you have gotten used to the severe storm weather of Florida, your house is still prone to the potential damages of tropical storms. A storm can significantly deteriorate a well-maintained house within minutes. It leaves you with the task of evaluating the damages and the risks associated with them.…Read More

  2. Picking Up The Pieces

    Storms can be devastating, particularly in this part of the country. Of course we are not suffering through subzero cold like our neighbors to the north, so it could be worse. Regardless, we still get our fair share of storms in Osceola County and it is not likely that the cycle will end anytime soon. Occasionally we get an exceptionally powerful storm that causes lots of damage and we are called …Read More

  3. Dealing With Roof Damage? All-State Construction and Restoration Can Help!

    Well, summer is almost upon us — okay, so maybe it is not that close but the heat will be back with a vengeance before we know it. It is about this time of year when you should determine if your roof needs attention. At All-State Construction and Restoration, we are your Osceola County roofing experts and we know that the weather in Florida can give your roof a beating from year to year. There i…Read More

  4. Welcome to All-State Construction and Restoration!

    We would like to take a moment to welcome you to the newly redesigned All-State Construction and Restoration website. We hope you enjoy the new look and take a moment to check out our extensive list of services. All-State Construction and Restoration is proud to serve the residential and commercial restoration needs of Orlando and all of Florida. Of course, while residential is our primary focus, …Read More